Being 9 months pregnant, its difficult to get out and meet new people. However, I did it. I really, truly did! In the past three days, I’ve been to an open house and a Harvest Festival merrily handing out business cards and talking up a storm. Of course, afterwards I had to lay down for an hour or two but I think the time spent on meeting new people offline is just as important as meeting them online.

I’m new to networking, actually. Its been an interesting experience for the most part. My first attempt was an offline women’s networking group based in N. California. I had a great time and met a lot of wonderful women. However, I wasn’t really prepared to promote myself to them. I’m better prepared this time around so once the baby is old enough, I’m going back to take another swing at networking.

Next, I was encouraged by several women that I know to join online networking groups.  So I did and I thought it was great joining all these networking groups on Ryze, Yahoo! Groups,, and But, seriously, where am I going to find the time to stay current on the topics? Not that the people aren’t absolutely wonderful (for the most part). I’m just trying to balance work and life at the same time. I’d rather spend a half an hour with my children rather than answering emails and posting, personally. So, I’m paring down to the essentials that mean more to my professionally and personally.

And, as a WAHM, that’s probably my best bet anyway. Truthfully, networking is great because I can meet new people, market to them, learn from them, and make new friends along the way!

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