After reading how great article marketing was from various marketing and networking groups, I decided to try my hand at it. How difficult could it be, right?

After much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, I finally finished my second article “Natural Ingredients for All Skin Types” the other day and posted it to my website and various other article submission sites. My first article is called “Candles Online: Guidelines on How to Choose the Right One”. Both can be found on and Writing them only took me about two weeks. I still have most of my hair, I think.

Anyway, my point was not to promote the articles I have written (or to give you the impression that I’m bald from writer’s frustration) but to tell you about my experience writing them.

First, I had to choose a topic. What the heck am I supposed to write about? Most conventional wisdom says to write about what you know. Okay… what do I know? My mind at that point became completely blank. I forgot that I have an MA in Ed or a BA in Art History, two children with various asthma and allergy concerns, am pregnant, have been married for 9 years, work two businesses as well as Instructional Design contracts and the list keeps going on.

But, since I’m trying to primarily market my businesses, I thought I had to focus on something that was tied to my products. Therefore, I wrote two articles: one on skin care and one on candles.

I’m now realizing that I can write about anything. I’ve decided that I am going to start writing about what is interesting to me or things that I want to know more about. Not that skin care and candles aren’t interesting or important to me. Quite the opposite. I just don’t want to be limit myself in my choice of topics.

So, I do a lot of research, believe it or not. I’d hate to put out false information! My point is if the topic of email marketing is interesting to you, write about that. If allergic dermatitis is interesting to you, write about that. Trust me, there’s a market out there for all subjects.

Of course, it may take time for people to see your articles. Some of the more popular subjects, like technology and politics, are always on the forefront of any article submission site. If you write about those types of topics, put a spin on them to make them stand out.

But, I guess that’s true for any topic, though. Put your stamp on it to make it unique. What does that mean? You can develop a particular writing style, a way of looking at things noone else has, or even writing about something else and comparing the two (comparing apples and oranges, so to speak).

Also, make sure to use keywords in your article so people can find your work that much faster. Just don’t expect them to be beating down your door the moment you post though. Build up a reputation for well written and thoughful articles and they’ll start coming to you.

Personally, my next article is on how to take care of your skin. I’ve got a lot of experience there since I’ve had skin now for 31 years. The one after that is taking care of asthmatic children. Again, lots of experience in this area. So, I’ve pretty much got my articles for the next week or so covered. Hopefully, I can follow my own suggestions and make them stand out!