Normally I don’t do this BUT I can’t let a good thing go. Especially if it’ll help other moms. So here is my business pitch for the day:

Enrollment for new Marlo Quinn Independent Consultants will be extended until Monday, Nov 13, at 12 noon Eastern. After that, we will not be accepting new consultants until 2007!

Sign up NOW at

Low One Time Enrollment Fee, No Minimums*, and No Inventory!

– 25% commissions on personal orders
– 5 % commission up to third tier downline
– Company website and marketing materials available for FREE
– Advertise the way you want (family friendly only)
– Residual income building with Candle of the Month Club

If you are interested, or know anyone who is, please feel free to contact me!

April Hayman

Marlo Quinn Independent Consultant

That’s a Wrap Founding Consultant

*As of 1/1/07, this changes to $10-$20 per month minimum which can include personal purchases, kits, customer orders, and Candle of the Month Club to fulfill the minimum requirement.