Cyber Monday. What joyous thoughts I had dancing in my head about this online shopping days of shopping days! I was going to sell 5 times as much as I normally did and make a great profit. Enough, in fact, that it would pay for my personal Christmas shopping spree.

But it didn’t happen. I placed too much faith and emphasis on Cyber Monday when I should have been looking at my business strategy for the whole month. Online sales, although up by 26% from last years Cyber Monday according to, don’t really start taking off until December 5 through December 18.

So what does that mean for me and any other WAHM out there trying to survive this holiday season? It means that the focus needs to be on what sells, whether its a favorite product or service, and getting the word out about said products or services.

So how am I going to do that this holiday season? I’ve got a couple lines of attack:

  1. discounts
  2. free shipping
  3. networking ads
  4. online radio ads
  5. writing articles 
  6. newsletters 

My first line of attack is a good discount on all my items from December 1 to December 9th. Why December 9th? Because that’s Marlo Quinn’s cut off date to receive orders for shipping to be received before Christmas.

So, I’m offering a 10% discount on all my Marlo Quinn products. Customers can use promo code 101006 on checkout to receive the discount.

Ultimately, I’d like people to order before December 9th but they may not be able to until the middle of the month. After all, many people receive paychecks and Christmas bonuses around the 15th. So, I’ll probably do another discount towards December 15th although I can’t guarantee delivery of Marlo Quinn products by Christmas.

Free shipping is a big deal this holiday season, so any order over $50 receives free shipping. And this particular deal is available all the way to the end of the year!

I’m also sending out ads to various Yahoo and Google groups in addition to my monthly newsletter. Ads need to be focused on one thing and emphasize that product. Even if I’ve got several deals going on, I can’t include all of them. So, I write a couple of different ads and send those out to the groups I belong to.

I’ve never advertised on the radio before but I decided to give this technique a try. I recorded two 15 second commercials for WEA Radio Live to play once each every two hours for 4 weeks. We’ll see if I get any hits out of it. You can listen to this fantastic online radio station at CJ the DJ is possibly one of the nicest ladies you’ll ever talk to! Or listen to for that matter. 

On top of that, I’ve written several articles published by Some are skin care, some holiday tips, and one about choosing a candle online. I actually got paid for two of them! Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling! Since they are free to use, you can include them on your website or newsletter for free. View my content at

The last line of attack that I’m using for December is my newsletter. I have a small but growing number of ladies who love to hear from me every month. I’ve finally retooled my newsletter format to include articles on women’s issues, heartwarming stories, beauty tips and tricks, decorating info, and, of course, discounts and specials given by yours truly.

Join my newsletter today for free!

The trick of at all is, though, that I go in for a c-section on November 30th. Yes, that’s right, I’m off to have a baby! So, although Cyber Monday was a bit of a bust for me, I can definitely say that the week is not a complete disaster. How can it be with a new life entering our world? So, this will be the last post for a couple of weeks until we can get settled down!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Blessings on you and yours,