EasyPLR co-owner Kelly McCausey recently shared that just ten private label rights articles added to an existing website brought her website over 400 new search engine visitors in November 2006.

Just ten articles! This got the PLR seller pretty excited about the value of her EasyPLR article packs. She added another ten pack of articles to the site at the beginning of December and checked her stats after the end of the year.

She found that those ten articles attracted over 700 search engine visitors. That’s over 1100 visitors from a search engine in two months for just 20 articles.

The retail cost of those 20 articles is $30 and if you break that down to a ‘per visitor’ cost, she spent about three cents for every visit. (Compare that to most advertising!)

So, considering this – should you be adding free content to your site on a regular basis? Yes! Will EasyPLR make that easy? Yes!