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High Efficiency (HE) washers need special detergents to work at optimum capacity. Will Tide HE with Febreze wash away my concerns about clean clothes or will I be left holding the (dirty) laundry?

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“The human body has two ears and one mouth. To be good at persuading or selling, you must learn to use those natural devices in proportion. Listen twice as much as you talk and you’ll succeed in persuading others nearly every time.”

Tom Hopkins

Alice Seba and Mila Sidman at Internet Marketing Sweetie , one of greatest marketing sites on the Internet, has a wonderful opportunity for those who want to work from home.

When applying, include as much detail as possible to help set you apart from the competition. Also, anyone can apply! You don’t have to be a professional or have experience working for clients in the past.

Here’s the information:

Mila and I are working on expanding our content-providing services and that means a potential opportunity for you. We’re currently searching for people with transcription and/or content writing skills.

We’re looking for:

  • Writers
  • Transcriptionists
  • Proofreaders
  • Internet researchers

Learn more on our work from home page.

Hurry on over and sign up if interested!

Service businesses are a great field to get into, whether you provide offline or online services it’s an easy way to start your own business with usually very low start-up costs.  With the number of businesses you can easily start from home there simply isn’t an excuse to not start your own business. 

So if you’ve been thinking about it, here are a few in-demand home business ideas:

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Affiliate marketing basically means selling other people’s products for a commission online.  Affiliate marketing is similar to offline sales where sales people earn a commission for selling a product; the difference is that all selling is conducted online. 

As an affiliate marketer you will research and find products to promote on your website.  Each time you make a sale through your affiliate link you will earn a portion of that sale.  The commissions can vary from as low as 7% to a generous 50%. 

The sales are tracked through your unique affiliate ID which is assigned to you at the time you sign up for a specific affiliate program.  Your unique affiliate ID is tracked and each time a sale is made through your link it is recorded.   A good affiliate program will give you plenty of tools for promoting their products as well as a comprehensive member’s area where you can track your affiliate sales and commissions.

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