You’ve probably heard of it….Web 2.0. The buzzword of the day but an important one for WAHMs. Web 2.o is a phrase used to refer to tools that make creating content easy and accessible. You are already using at least one Web 2.0 tool: the blog. Other Web 2.0 tools include wikis, podcasts, and social bookmarking.

So, with all these new tools and knowledge, how can you use them in your own business?


A blog is a site where short entries are published. You can use a blog to quickly get information onto the Web and inform your customers about your business. You can use your blog as your main source of putting info on the web or as a supplement to your business website. And, with links, you can increase your visibility to search engines, like Google or Yahoo.

I use WordPress for this blog but there are other blog sites that offer free blog services. Before you commit to one service, take a look at the different blog sites available:


According to Wikipedia, a Wiki “is a website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change available content, typically without the need for registration.” Wikis are great for sharing information, documents and files with customers and team members.

For a really great article on using wikis in your business, read “Collaborating through wikis” on

To start your own wiki, try one of the following wiki sites:


Podcasting is on the rise and becoming very popular with WAHMs. A podcast can be subscribed to so that every time you post one to your site or blog, your customer receives it. And, since most podcasting software is free or really cheap, it’s a cost effective way of getting information to your customers quickly and with that added human touch.

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project:

  • More than 22 million US adults own an iPod or other MP3 player 13% of men and 9% of women
  • 20% of the lucrative 18- to 28-year-old market owns an iPod or other MP3 player
  • 29% of the people who own an iPod or MP3 player have downloaded a podcast

The potential for podcasting is huge! Don’t feel as though you are up to it? You don’t have to have hour long podcasts. 10 minutes to start would be fine. Or even less! Whatever length you need to get the info across to your customer. Outline what you are going to talk about rather than scripting it. You’ll sound more natural. For a primer on podcasting, read Intro to Podcasting for Business.

Some free podcasting software to check out:


Social bookmarking allows you to bookmark a site to a web page using tags. Sounds confusing? You may already use Technorati,, or Digg. Basically, you save the particular website addy you want to your bookmark page and include tags. These tags, something like keywords, allow other users to find your bookmark page. Since the keywords are created by users bookmarking your page, your content becomes more relevant to other people looking for the same information.

Since I’m mucking up this explanation, why don’t you head on over to which has a great blog post on what social bookmarking is and how to use it to great effect in your business.

Do you use any of these technologies? If you do, let me know which ones and if they are effective in reaching your customers or potential customers!