Well, this officially my personal most pain filled week. And I’ve had three c-sections, and trust me, this is worse. It all started with my juvenile notion that I needed to have lovely nails in order for me to look “put together.” I could have gone with a manicure but no. I had to have artificial tips put on. Everything was going fine up until I needed to vacuum the boys’ room. While trying to get the dang hose off (so I could vacuum the baseboards..it sounds anal only until you’ve actually seen it. Then its a mission from God to get it cleaned), the artificial tip on my right ring finger popped off.

Hmmm, popped off doesn’t quite cover it. How about ripped off? Or even mauled off by a vicious dirt eater? The pain was (and is) excrutiating. When the tip ripped off, the underlying natural nail was lifted off the nailbed, all the way back to the cuticle. The edges were still intact so the nail itself didn’t come off. It would have been better it it had, though, because within a couple of days I had a roaring infection.

I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I finally dragged myself down to the ER. Without going into gory details, my hand was numbed up and the doctor removed my nail. Unfortunately, the nerve block didn’t quite work as well as hoped so I did feel some of it. Its a great way to torture someone. Trust me.

And, as if this wasn’t enough, I’ve ended up with mastitis. If you don’t what it is, you aren’t nursing a child. Its a horribly painful infection of the breast. I’m on antibiotics for my finger so hopefully it will kill the mastitis. So, basically, I am having a hard time typing (left handed only at the moment..this is taking forever) and I can’t pick up or hold my kids very well. *sigh* I know that “this too shall pass” but geez, could it pass a little bit quicker, please? I’m running out of pain meds.