Next Tuesday I am taking our four year old to see a developmental pediatrician. It’s not that I think there is something horribly wrong with Jacob. He’s loving and smart. But…..he dances in the aisles of grocery stores, doesn’t get jokes, is so literal that we have to be careful how we word things, and he daydreams so much I wonder where he goes when I see that blank stare (amongst a whole slew of odd behaviors). On the other hand, he likes to go to school, is doing well with his letters and numbers, and loves legos. Really loves legos. Oh and Star Wars. Dear God in Heaven, the Star Wars legos.

It isn’t as if we decided one day that there was something wrong with our son. It’s been a progression that has finally added up to “Sweetie, maybe we should have him checked out. You know, just in case.” Chances are, it’s just us and we have a very loving but eccentric child on our hands. But, if it’s something a bit more serious, then at least we have a basis from which to work and guide Jacob.

So, next Tuesday is a big day for us. But I’ll keep in mind something his new pediatrician asked me the other day, “Other than working on his speech, is there anything about him specifically you want to change?” And I answered “No. I love him just the way he is.”