So, instead of allergies, I think I have the flu. Allergies don’t come with a low grade fever, right? Anyway, I was so miserable (after taking sineaid and zyrtec all day) that I gave my husband’s suggestion a try: TheraFlu. Dear God in Heaven it was bad. It tastes bad. It feels bad. It leaves this horrible aftertaste in your mouth that no amount of sweet hot tea can hide.

But it worked.

Within a half hour I was feeling much better although whatever is in it kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. I finally made myself go to bed even though I wasn’t tired.

Christy suggested that I try a saline rinse for my nose. I’ve heard of neti pots (although she uses something a bit different than that). I even went to the website that she gets her supplies from. I think I’m more inclined to go with the saline rinse than the neti pot if only because I just can’t image stuffing what looks like a small penis up my nose. It just looks weird.

So, with all that wired time last night, I managed to get some artwork done for my new blog “Queen of the World Explains Everything.” And a new avatar for, well, just about everything I do online. And I updated my journal theme over at my art site. Yes, I was that awake last night.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I feel better!