This is so exciting! I had over 25 people comment on my blog during the UBP09 and enter the contest for a Mini-Me graphic.

April's Mini-MeSo, what exactly is a Mini-Me? It’s a graphical representation of you created by me for your use anywhere on the web. I can take a description (blonde hair, blue eyes, thin face) or a photo and translate that into Mini-Me-ism. Just like the one of me to the left.

Are you ready to hear who the winner is?

Ready yet?


Okay, fine! And the winner is…drumroll if you please…is:


Thanks, Jen, for stopping by my blog on your party rounds and hanging out. I look forward to working with you on your personalized Mini-Me!

Disappointed that you didn’t win? Don’t be! I’m now offering Mini-Me Graphics at a very reasonable rate. Have questions? Feel free to contact me!