I have to say I’m awed and inspired by my friends A & E*. They decided last year to become foster parents despite the fact that they have no experience being parents themselves. Although their main goal is to find that special child to adopt, they are more than happy to give a variety of special kids who need a safe place a home, whether its for a day or two or years. Can I say how much I love these people? They rock!

And they received their first children two weeks ago. Two little sisters (G1 & G2), 3 & 4 years old. A & E are doing fabulous with them although there are some rough spots (G2 lied about everything on Monday) but nothing they can’t handle.

Enter the older brother, B1, who joined his sisters over the weekend. He’s 10 and in 3rd grade. B1 has been bumped around from foster home to foster home because of, well, I’m guessing here, behavior issues. A thinks he hasn’t been taught the skills to self regulate. I think he just doesn’t have a good enough reason, a “compelling why” if you will, to do what he’s told because, let’s face it, “because I told you to” does not work sometimes. It should but it doesn’t.

B1 is about to get kicked out of his after school program because he doesn’t go directly to it like he should. And it’s not as if he doesn’t know where it is because he does (it’s right on campus). A & E are not sure how to get him to go because the principal’s threats have not had any impact and grounding doesn’t seem to matter to him. B1 has to be in after school care until A can get off work to pick him up and because of the way the laws work, if she wants to use a personal care giver, that care giver’s home must be certified by the state. At least that’s the way I understand it.

So, my question to you, dear readers and fellow parents, is how the heck do you discipline a child who won’t listen and doesn’t care? Please let me know so I can help them out.

Their hearts are in the right place. We’ve been praying to God for him to take this problem and turn it into a positive, too. So feel free to add your prayers, too!

*Names changed to protect the innocent!