Finally…finally…got the hubs to Shred with me at o’dark 30. I was willing to do it earlier in the day just as long as he actually did the work out. Which he did. I have to say I’m impressed with him. He stuck it out even though he needed to stop a few times (okay a lot) to catch his breath. His only comment was “This is just like the Army”. So there ya go.

Anyone else’s quads hurt? You know, the front thigh muscles that control how you fall, I mean, sit? Because mine seem to have taken a vacation and I’m finding it incredibly painful to sit down. Getting up is no problem but sitting down…please make don’t me!

Another thing I noticed is shoes. Who knew that your feet could hurt that badly after doing side crunches, of all things? I have to admit, though, that my shoes are walking shoes. Brand new walking shoes, as a matter of fact. I figured that it wouldn’t matter if I wore those while doing Jillian’s workout. I was wrong.

Wrong, I tells ya!

Crosstrainers are very important only if you want to be able to walk on your feet after working out. And since I find it essential to walk on my feet rather than, let’s just say, my hands, I’m adding it to my list of workout equipment must-haves.

I have a couple of words of advice on shoe buying. First, get yourself fitted. There is nothing worse than ill fitting shoes sold by a clueless salesperson. Our 30 town is blessed with an actual, real life shoe store that specializes in…wait for it…shoes. They’re small and a bit pricey but they are dedicated to selling the best shoes for the exact purpose for which you need them. If you aren’t lucky to have a small shoe store like that, try for an athletic shoe shop that will measure your foot, i.e. Foot Locker.

Second, get a good crosstrainer shoe. I personally love New Balance. They have the best shoes ever. The toe is wider and the front has more cushioning than the Nike. After buying the exact same style of New Balance twice in a row, I decided to shake things up a bit and bought a Nike shoe. If I could go back, which I might have to, I’d get the New Balance hands down. Some other shoes to consider for aerobics/crosstraining are Asics, Brooks, and even Nikes (just depends on your feet, really).

Still not sure what makes a good crosstraining shoe? Read the “Workout Shoe Guide” for more information.