A hot cup of joe

Wakes me up nearly instantly

Ready for my day!

Okay, it’s the worlds worst haiku. But I tried right? I see that smirk, by the way.

The fact is that 1) I have a tough time waking up without my morning jolt of caffeine, and 2) April is National Poetry month.

I admit that I’m not much into poetry. I like it, theoretically, and will read it (if I have to) but I don’t necessarily write it or seek it out. I did read a lovely poem entitled “The Trouble With Naps” written by Carrie Ann at “Another Day, Another Thought” blog.

She’s attempting the monumental feat of writing a poem a day for the month of April. I wish her good luck and God speed. I know I couldn’t do it. However, the imagery is so strong it makes me want to whip out Photoshop and whip up some sweet little graphics to go with it.

Although poetry isn’t my strong suit I’m pretty sure I can do Fiction Fridays, hosted by the lovely Karen at Write Anything. But as it is Saturday, I’ll just wait until next Friday to post anything. 😉

I am in a word challenge, though, over at Forward Motion Writers so I will be writing this weekend. Lots of writing. *le sigh*

How about you? Do you like to write? Just so you know, I use the term “write” loosely. Even adding a post to your blog is considered creative writing!