I’m instituting a new once-a-week post: My Opinion Monday. It’s inspired by the fabulous Karen over at WritefromKaren and her “In My Opinion” posts.  So, when she posts a question, I’ll just go ahead and answer it here. It is after all, my opinion. 😉

List five things you want your children (or your nieces/nephews if you don’t have children) to know before they grow up.

Here’s my opinion:

First, I want my three children to be rooted in the rock of Christ. They need to have faith before they can defend it. “Just because” doesn’t fly when people are pounding on them from all sides questioning their beliefs.

Second, I want them to know how to balance a checkbook. More than that, I want them to understand how finances work and what credit is and is not. We’ve already got our eldest started on Financial Peace Jr. and it seems to be working. Of course, it helps that we, his parents, are modeling the principles of Financial Peace University. They need to be responsible with the money they have and be able to provide for themselves and their families as well as give to worthwhile causes and save.

Third, I want my boys to be able to finish household chores without being asked. While it doesn’t seem that big of a deal, they’re learning how to maintain a home. By cleaning their rooms, washing the dishes, or taking out the trash, the skills they are learning will be useful all of their lives. And their wives will thank my husband and I later for it. 😉

Fourth, I want them to be able to make decisions based on logic and tempered with faith. They will get into all sorts of situations once they’re grown and, I hope,  they will be able to determine the best course of action by praying about it, thinking about it, asking questions, and then acting.

Fifth, I want my beautiful boys to know how to laugh and find joy. While not every point of life will be a rose garden, if they keep their sense of humor and have faith, they will be able to make it through just about anything. To find joy in the darkest of moments and knowing God is still with them no matter how badly it pours is something that will give them comfort all throughout their lives.

And while these are the top five, I also want my children to have purpose. I want them to feel as though they are part of God, of their community and church, and the world as a whole. I want them to be able to know why they were put on this earth for and to be joyful in their pursuit of it. To know that I love them and that I cherish all the moments we have together.

So, what are the top five things you want your kids to know before they grow up? Let me know!