I’m sorry for posting this late. Just pretend it’s Monday, okay?

The jumping jacks are still kicking my butt and I still don’t look forward to them. However, I managed to keep up (mostly) with Jillian. I wonder how I can stop moving around the room, though. I’m sure there’s a trick to staying in one spot when doing them but I’ve yet to master that skill. And I need to do it quick because I nearly jumping jacked my way over the back of the easy chair.

I did notice that after my daily 20 minutes of torture that I didn’t hurt as badly as I had the day before. I was exhausted. Oh yes, I was exhausted. But I didn’t hurt. My thighs still twinge a bit but I can sit down and stand up on my own. It’s a nice change but I don’t think I’m ready for Level 2 just yet. I’d like to be able to go all the way down to the ground for a pushup before we move on. And yes it is “we” because the hubs and I are doing this together. If one of us is not ready to move on, then neither of us does!

I’d add something pithy about working out here and then give you some really good advice, but I’m saving it for Day 7. 😉