Woot! A whole week has passed and we managed to workout every single day. It’s a new world’s record (for us at least). My stamina is a bit better than on day 1 but still not ready to move on to level 2. Maybe by the end of next week. The hubs and I will decide on that next Wednesday.

I did weigh myself this morning and realized I hadn’t lost a single pound. It was a bit discouraging but the hubs said it has, after all, only been a week. We’ve been on WeightWatchers on and off for the past 9 months and I’m definitely a lot lighter than I was (try 40 pounds lighter). But I’ve set a goal of 135 pounds and I mean to get there by the end of July. I’m pretty sure I can do it but it will take some dedication on my part. I’ve put the exercise into the mix so I think the next big thing is really focusing on what I eat.

A couple of the Shredheads have voiced concerns about menu planning. Ladies (and gents) you aren’t the only ones. I have struggled with planning healthy meals that not only don’t break the bank but actually taste good too. If you need a bit of guidance, check out the article “Weekly Menu Planning” for some ideas on how to change up your eating routine.

If you’re like me, though, and you need to be hit over the head with information, feel free to check out my menu plan. This is for one week and I’ll be adding to it as the weeks go by. Use it anyway you want. Share it with others.

Feel free to post your favorite recipes, menu ideas, or links to this post!