I made it through Circuit 3 without stopping. *faints*

The hubs has determined that Friday is the day we move on to Level 2, which is good news since he has already ordered all the other Biggest Loser DVDs (without telling me til afterward). It’s nice to know he’s committed to a change in our routine. And I’m okay with him getting the other DVDs since, I have to admit, doing the exact same thing every day gets a bit boring. Whoever said repetition is good for the soul never met Jillian Michaels.

Oh and did I mention he wants us to start jogging together? Yeah. That one is still in debate mode and I’m on the dissenting side.

I did have a revelation during working out today: I was doing some of the moves incorrectly. The move that made the biggest difference was the side to side lunge with the arm raises. She has a fancy name for it but I seem to have blocked it out of my memory due to fear and pain. I wasn’t sticking my behind out behind me as I moved to the side. Once I started doing that, the exercise got a lot tougher.

So, position is everything, apparently, when working out. I found some very cool videos over at Expert Village that show proper technique on some of the things that Jillian asks us to do. These videos are helpful because, although Jillian has a great workout, she doesn’t take a lot of time to show exactly how to position your body to do them correctly. So, if you’re having issues with correct body placement (like me) feel free to check out those workout videos!