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I lose my temper all the time. I try not to but it happens. I have to say, though, that the older I get the better I am able to hold my temper in check. Not that I don’t explode like Vesuvius on occasion but it’s not quite as bad as it once was. I’d like to think its maturity although it might be I have a higher tolerance due to living in a houseful of males.

Is it okay to show anger? Yes, otherwise how will my kids know what it looks like? At least, how it looks in our family, at any rate. Reading and responding to emotions is a skill set all kids need and that includes the icky emotions like anger and sadness. But is it okay to be overly angry all the time? No, and if that was the case then I’d get some help. Or a spa day since I know much of my anger comes from stress.

I sound like I’m a constant yelling machine, don’t I? I’m not. If you have children (most of you do), then you know that at least once a day you’ll lose your temper over something. If you have a special needs child (like we do) then that might be more than once a day.

How I display my anger at that situation is up to me. The knee jerk reaction is to yell, which I’m sorry to admit is something I do more often than not. Other times though, if I’m top of the situation, I might give someone a time out (including myself).

So, do you get angry and yell? Have some tips on how to manage it? Tell me because I want to know!