Why in the world would I write a WAHM Tip on isolation? We are, by definition, moms working from home and, therefore, have one or more children running around underfoot at most times. We’re not really isolated. Are we?

Well, that’s the point. We are at home. With the kids.

All. The. Time.

I know you’ve felt isolated because I have too. Just getting out to the doctor’s office is like mana from heaven. But it shouldn’t be. Humans (typically) are social creatures and we give some of that up to work from home. Not that snuggles and sticky kisses aren’t worth every moment away from the main office but, still, we crave contact with adults.

And, no, husbands don’t count as isolation busters. Usually. At least, mine isn’t an isolation buster since he’s home as well, going to school online. He feels like the house closes in on him too. I know because he’s told me so several times.

Anyway, my point is that we need to make time in our busy schedules for some “me time.” It isn’t selfish and it isn’t bad for business. Quite the contrary, in fact. How much more productive would you be if you had a break from the routine and got out to do something else for a half hour? How much calmer would you feel? I know I do.

Even getting out once a week is a great way to relieve some of the isolation felt when working from home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • grab a cup of coffee with a friend
  • go walking in the park with your kids
  • attend a women’s (or men’s) bible study group (sometimes they have child care)
  • go to the gym and work out
  • take a trip to the local library and peruse the bookshelves

Now, if you absolutely cannot get out of the house without the kids or there is no time in your schedule, you can:

  • hang out at your favorite social networking site (Twittermoms.com, Facebook, etc.)
  • Twitter for about ten minutes (small break and it gets you involved with something not work related)
  • Skype with friends or family
  • work on that personal project you’ve been meaning to finish (unfinished quilts, paintings, writing a book, etc. Oh wait, those are mine.)

That last one isn’t really meant to break you out of isolation but it will certainly get you into the calm zone. I hope, anyway.

So, what are your WAHM Tips for breaking out of isolation*? I want to know!

*After editing this post I realized that it sounds like I’m advocating for prison breaks. I’m not. Just trying to get WAHMs out of the house before the walls close in on them.