Or a cute cover. Whatever. 5Minutesformom.com is giving away….giving away.….for Mother’s Day 2009 a brand spanking new, totally adorable, keep you connected HP Mini 1000.

Did I mention that this thing is cute? I just want to hug it, and love it, and call him George.

Here are some specs that I actually researched (from cnet.com):

  • The good: Best Netbook keyboard we’ve seen; thinner and lighter than HP’s previous Netbook; ditches slow Via processor for faster Intel Atom.
  • The bad: Limited expansion options; overly glossy screen; needless proprietary external drive connection.
  • The bottom line: HP may have arrived late to the consumer Netbook game, but by lifting the generous keyboard from last year’s business-oriented model, the Mini 1000 easily joins the category’s top tier.

Feel free to view the complete HP Mini 1000 laptop review at Cnet.com. Lots of cool, if a little TMI, information on this system.

That all being said, 5Minutesformom.com has one at the right price (FREE!) and I’m all about getting good stuff at low prices. If you’re interested in entering the contest, you have until May 9th to do so. Winners will be announced on May 10th. Did I mention that there are more prizes than just the HP Mini?

I would say good luck but that baby computer is mine!

And he shall be called George.