Thank you to everyone who stopped by on May 1 and partied with me on my birthday! I hope you all had fun. Now onto what you have anxiously been waiting for: the winner of the MiniMe.

I was going to drag it out and build the anticipation but I decided not to do that. I mean it wouldn’t be fair to you, gentle readers, would it? I hate it when people do that to me. Seriously.

Oh, I was? Sorry about that.

The winner was randomly selected by

Random Number for Birthday Contest

And that totally tiny number is 5 for those who have horrendous vision (like myself).

The fifth commenter on my Birthday post was: Elizabeth at Type A Mommy!

Yea Elizabeth! I’ve sent you an email at the one you included with your comment so keep an eye out for it.

Again, thank you everyone who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday! It made my day.