There’s never enough time, is there? What would you do with an extra three hours today?

No there is not enough time to do everything that I want which is why I got myself a brand spanking new Day Planner for my birthday. My intention is to give myself extra time within the limits of a 24 hour day by staying organized. It works. Sort of. But no matter how organized I am it still doesn’t give me an extra three hours to use today.

So, what to do with three extra hours if it magically appeared on my Day Planner? Well, if I get to mess with the space-time continuum, I’d do something like exploring the Moon or hopping an express to the nearest wormhole to check out what’s on the other side (Farscape here I come!).

Or, if I need to stay on this side of practical, believable, and doable, I could definitely use an extra three hours of uninterrupted sleep. Except that isn’t exactly exciting, is it? How about three hours of uninterrupted writing time? The Lord knows my WIP could use it. Or three hours of reading a good book in a fragrant bubble bath.

Actually, the more I think about it, that bubble bath sounds like the best choice. With the newest Terry Pratchett. Hmmm, maybe I need to head over to Angel Face Botanicals* for one of their milk baths….

So, what would you do with an extra three hours added on to your typical 24 hour day?

* This isn’t an ad for AngelFace nor did they pay me to add in a link to my post. However, I really, really enjoy their products and don’t mind spreading the link love for them (requested for or not).