from writefromkaren Monday Morning Meme
What’s something your parents used to say to you as a child that you promised yourself you’d never say — but now you catch yourself saying all the time? Now tell us something that you say all the time that is uniquely you.

“Wait til your father gets home!”


“You’ll go blind!”

“Well, you could but then I’d have to chain you to the tree out front.”

and the list goes on. I never really thought I’d end up sounding like my mom and dad. However, I’m glad I did since they’re possibly two of the greatest parents that ever lived. And, let’s face it, as a child we promise never to act like our parents anyway but that usually doesn’t happen.* But that doesn’t mean that I am a carbon copy of my parents. I have come up with some new and catchy phrases, like:

“Fabulous!” (not something you’d ever catch my dad saying!)

“Write me a four page paper on it and I’ll consider buying you a ________.” (recently happened and my 9 year old son got to keep the tortoise that came with our brand spanking new house!)

“Where did your common sense go?!” (happens quite frequently with 3 boys in the house!)

“Where’s your little brother?” (Bit of an issue as the littlest one likes to climb. On anything.)

There are others but I’m only on my second cup of coffee at the moment. I hope that my kids remember these and use them within my hearing when they have kids of their own. I’ll just sit back with a big smug smile and nod. Been there, done that, sugaring up the grandkids and sending them home!

Just like my mom.

* This may not apply to those people with horrible upbringings. So, take that particular comment as a generality and with a grain of salt.