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After reading some of the really inspiring stories from Team Jillian, I decided that I needed to work out again. Immediately. I was going to wait after work but what the heck. It couldn’t be as bad as yesterday right?


I was prepared though. I had a plastic cup full of water sitting next to my weights and wore a better bra. Jillian still stomped on me. But even though I felt like a wrung out rag, I was a self-satisfied wrung out rag. She threw some tough stuff at me and I kept going!

Now, let’s get serious for a moment and talk about sports bras. You seriously need to have a handle on your lovely lady lumps or they will hit in the chin when doing some of these exercises. I’m not kidding. Get a good support bra and love it like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll thank me some day.

Not sure where what constitutes a “good” sports bra? Check out Best Sports Bras for Women* by Paige Waehner. The info may not save your life but it might keep you from getting knocked out by your own boobs.

* Makes you wonder if there is a “Best Sports Bras for Men” floating out in the vast emptiness that is cyberspace.

I’ve always thought Crocs were ugly ever since the first time I saw them at a hospital gift shop. I was assured that they were comfy but come on. They were butt ugly.

Fast forward to today. Look what my Mom sent me:


Yep. Crocs. But cute ones in pretty pretty pink. Cuz I’m a girly girl at heart. Thanks, Mom!


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