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So, I have to admit, I’m not into cartoons. Graphic novels are awesome. Webcomics, particularly the well written/illustrated ones, are an adventure. But Sunday comics just never caught my fancy. Then Natalie comes up with a very cool idea for our TCC presentation this year using ToonDo.

At first I was a bit skeptical. Okay, make that a lot skeptical. Three panels of some little stick characters. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But (and its a big one) it looks so very cool once all the panels are put together.

My skepticism has been replaced with interest on how I can leverage this technology in the courses I design. It is very conceivable that a group of kids could create a “Toon” to describe events of, oh lets say, the American Revolution that they have researched. It would also force them to think about the essentials of their assignment because of limited space while working with technology, and potentially, in small groups.

For the current course I’m developing, my SME (subject matter expert) wants to include an example of how various media are currently used together – hybrid media, if you will. The example is Line Rider.

Which is completely and totally addicting. Why o why did he have to show this to me? I have been fervently trying to figure out how the heck to keep my little sledding guy on the line and not fall into space. Or, worse yet, take a header on a loop-de-loop.

Think I’m nuts? You take a shot at it. See if you’re any better at it than I am.

And did I mention that people actually set their animations to music? Here’s a fantastic example of what a very talented person who has lots of time on his/her hands can accomplish with this little addicting “game”:

I love hands-on projects. They are a fantastic way to reinforce the learning process. And the fact that kids can have fun putting into practice what they learned is always a bonus.

Personally, I wished hands-on learning was a part of all curriculums, not just a summer fling. 

The Dothan Eagle | News – Summer program offers hands-on learning


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