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114 degrees in the shade

Except for me. Yes, I live in the desert. Yes, I knew it was going to be hot when I moved here. And, no, I don’t have  a pool.

The two swamp coolers we have won’t stand up to this kind of heat. We’ll just have to mosey on down to the movie theater this afternoon during the worst of the heat and watch Harry Potter.

So, I guess the heat isn’t too bad. Just as long as I’m not in it.

is not quite as exciting as I thought it would be. Where was the anxious rush to look for houses? The holding of our hands while the agent explained yet again what the difference between living in one area was compared to another? The nailbiting anticipation of getting the loan?

I think we were just way too prepared. Months before we made the final decision to purchase a home, the hubs and I did a lot of Internet surfing searching for information on how to buy a house, get a loan, and what to expect. We attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We had already made the decision two years ago that we would be buying a house even with a bankruptcy on our record.

That’s right: a bankruptcy.

It sucked the life out of us and nearly our marriage but we perservered. We’re stronger now as a couple in the faith we have in God and in each other because of that experience. And it’s taught us a lot about how to manage your money (compared to NOT how to manage it!).

Because we were good stewards, the hubs and I were able to easily procure a loan. Then, we fell for the first house we found (it comes with a tortoise!). It’s been smooth sailing. The loan documents have been signed and we are just waiting for escrow to close next week.

By the 29th, we’ll be first time home owners.

Holy mackeral! That feels good to say. I think I may have a blog party to celebrate…

What a fun but exhausting day. Our church held it’s first annual car show and what a turn out! And the boys had a blast.

Here they are standing next to our friend Emilio’s car. Notice you can barely see our youngest as he leans against the car. I have no idea how many times we had to tell him, “No! Don’t touch the car!”

Big and Bad in front of Emilio's car

And then we wandered over to the drag racers and all  the admonishments went out the window when the owner let them climb into the racecar and turn the wheels. I thought the kids were going to pee themselves they were so excited!




Yessirre bob, a fun time was had by all.

By the way, all three boys crashed, i.e. napped, when we got home…..for two whole hours! Yippee!

I know it sounds a bit self-centered but I expect birthday presents from my husband and kids on my big day. In the past 14 years the presents I’ve received from my guys have run the gamut of a simple card to jewelry to a rather large and formidable microwave.

What I don’t expect are birthday presents from those people outside my immediate family. For example, I received a birthday card from the director of our children’s services at church. I had no idea she knew the date of my birthday and did not expect anything from her. I also received a beautiful basket of flowers from a co-worker that I have been working with closely these past few months. Again, totally unexpected.

Which leads me to wonder about the impact that I (or we) have on those around us. It isn’t something that I think about a lot since I’m too busy actually doing things to worry about it. But those two gifts, a simple card and lovely flowers, made me stop and think about my actions and the influence that I have on others.

And it scared the you-know-what out of me.

I have, apparently, grown up and become a “positive role-model/influence.” Not that I want to complain about my apparent upgrade in status but how the heck did it happen? I’m not exactly a bubbly personality and I keep quiet until I have something that adds to the conversation.

Despite my hesitance in accepting my new role, I’m glad that others see me in a positive light. However, the role of positive influence is a lofty one and which, I’m sure, I can fall from quite quickly. I’ll have to give it a bit more thought on how my actions affect those around me.

So, did it come as a surprise that you were a positive influence? And kids don’t count. You’re supposed to be a positive role model for them. At least, I hope you are and if you aren’t you need more help than I can give!

is that it’s my birthday! Woot! After trying to find some cool facts about the momentous day 29 years and with 5 years of experience ago, I found out that I share a birthday with Beckham.

And that was it.

So the big thing on May 1, 19** is that my sister and I were the first set of twins born at the hospital on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

That’s right. Gitmo.

My dad was stationed there a couple of decades ago and mom managed to get the okay after they had been married for 9 months. And no, we weren’t born the moment she stepped off the plane. We showed up a couple years later.

So, happy birthday to my evil twin. I know you aren’t reading this so I can say whatever I want. Mwahahahahaha!*

Let’s get this party started right with a little bit of music! Who needs Pink when we have Dame Shirley? And I actually believe her when she says she has a Mercedes Benz. ; )

All that dancing make you thirsty? Have a drink on me! In honor of my birthstone, I present to you:

Sparkling Emerald Shooter

1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
1/2 oz. Melon Liqueur

Pour the alcohol into a steel shaker over ice. Shake til you make it (or, less fun but more practical, until the drink is completely cold). Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

Leaving so soon? Well, if you must. But, before you go, don’t leave without your party favor! What kind of  hostess would I be to let you leave empty handed!

Between 12 am and 11:59 pm May 1, anyone who comments on this post, and only on this post, is entered into a drawing for their very own, personalized Mini Me Graphic! Yea you!

I’ll create a minime-zed version of yourself for use as avatars, taglines, or whatever you like for your personal use on the Internet.

The actual drawing will be done on Saturday and posted by the end of the weekend. I’ll use to randomly choose a number from those who post!

Cool, huh?

So, put on a party hat and leave a comment!

* Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have an identical twin. And, yes, she is evil. Like I said, I can say whatever I want since she doesn’t read this blog. I will most likely have to bug her all day by text and IM on our birthday though.


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