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..and cats and hamsters and horses…well, you get the idea. Even as some of the hand made pet items make me alternatively cringe and smile, they also make me realize that we will do anything for, or to, our pets.

Case in point: my puppy needed a martingale collar for his upcoming obedience class but I couldn’t find one small enough (he has one tiny neck!). So, I turned to the wonderfully talented Mandy at Pawsh Companions for help. She came up with a professionally designed martingale collar that looks good and works well.

That’s my Charlie there to the left. Isn’t he adorable?

Anyhoo, there are is a mind numbing amount of pet items on Etsy. Here are a few that jumped out at me and I thought I’d share with all the dog (and other pet) lover’s in the blogosphere!

Modern Dog House Plans: for those who prefer DIY and feel manly (or womanly..we can swing hammers too!) about making their best buddy a better designed house than most of us live in.

Eco Dog Coat: Who can resist a dachshund in posh green recycled plastic? I know I can’t and if my grandmother’s dachshund were still with us, she’d be wearing this snazzy jacket! Better yet it comes in custom sizes and colors. Charlie may be sporting some new clothes come wintertime.

Bully Bowl, The Food Station for Short-Nosed Dogs: What a very cool idea for those dogs with smushed in faces! The bowl is tilted so that the dog can eat comfortably. I’ve not seen something like this before so it is truly an unique item! Plus it’s affordable, customizable, and applicable to other dog breeds. A fabulous trifecta!

Chicken Gourmet Cookies for Big Dogs: Finally! Something for the big boys (and girls) to enjoy in more than one bite! These extra large doggie cookies are meant to satisfy even the biggest appetites (the owner has a newfoundland mix so she knows!). The ingredients are pet safe and natural too without processed items. And did I mention they are particularly elegant to look at? Check out these big dog cookies that even the Queen would be proud to serve to her pampered pooches.

Pet Portraits in Oils by puci: Honor your pet with a one-of-a-kind oil portrait. This artist has some serious talent and the prices are reasonable.

Every Dog Has His Day Spa Kit: Lovely presentation gift for that perfectly pampered pooch. This Day Spa Kit includes everything you need to keep your pup clean and smelling good.

Do you have a favorite dog item that you’d like to share? Know of other great Etsy sellers? Let me know!

new puppy. After I swore up and down that I’d never get another dog after Pooky died. So, totally ignoring my edict from on high, DH brought the newest addition to our family home last week. I have to admit, reluctantly, that she’s cute.


Rose the Puppy

The boys already love her. They climb all over her and she licks them and moves out of the way. No signs of aggression or fear. We do watch carefully while they play so that no one gets hurt.

I guess I’ll put up with her. She keeps my feet warm at the very least.


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