What is a Mini-Me? It’s you, graphically. A personalized way to get your image out on the Internet without actually having to use a real life photo. And a personalized Mini-Me is a lot more memorable!

You can use your Mini-Me graphic on discussion board tags, avatars, or anywhere else on the Internet. Or maybe you’d like a Mini-Me graphic and a matching banner for your blog? I can do those too!

Although, prices are negotiable on size and complexity, all work starts at $25! For this price, you get a fabulous graphic like the following:

April's Mini-MeActual Size (300×300)

I accept PayPal only. International customers are welcome but all orders must be paid in American dollars.

Once we agree on the graphics you want, I’ll send you an invoice before I begin work. You will receive your 300×300 jpeg within 3 to 5 days after payment. If you need a specific size, I can re-size it for you for free (only up to 2 different sizes besides the original, please). I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

When ordering a Mini-Me graphic, please include the following information:

  • Favorite color:
  • Second fav color:
  • Your features:
  • Glasses or other special items:
  • One word that sums you up**(optional):
  • Additional image sizes***:

If you have a photo or a background* that you’d like me to use, I’m willing to work with those too.

Use the following contact form to place your order or to inquiry about a personalized graphic!

* Please note that if you want me to use a provided background, e.g. scrapbooking papers, etc., you must have permission to use it in your personalized Mini-Me graphics. I will not be held responsible for your copyright violations.
** I don’t approve of profanity nor will I work with hate words either. Please keep it clean.
*** Up to two extra sizes other than the original 300×300. You can always resize the jpeg yourself but I do not guarantee quality of image if you do so.

All work is copyrighted by me and for use under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. Please contact me if you would like to use my graphics commercially.
Creative Commons License