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Here’s the cake that I made for my son’s Cub Scout Pack meeting yesterday! Sorry about the horrible quality. I had to take the photo’s with my phone!



Question of the Week: October 7, 2007

Actually, for the first time, I’ve put out some decorations next to the front door. And they’re pretty skimpy at that: one small bunch of Indian corn and three mini pumpkins.

Other than that, the only decorations we do are the carved pumpkins. These, of course, are a major PIA since the kids hate the “guts” of the pumpkins and my DH refuses to de-gut the pumpkins for them.

Since we’re Christians, this holiday is not as important as Christmas or Easter. So we typically take the kids to the local Harvest Festival. That way they can get candy, play games, and hang out in a safe spot.

This year, we’ll be heading over to the church for games, activities, and a whole bunch of fun!

So, what do you do for Halloween?


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