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I love my job. Period. I dig in and really get involved. Unfortunately, I also lose track of time. And with amount of work I need to do on a daily basis, this is not a good thing. It fouls up the flow of not only myself but all the other people in my department that count on me. Something needed to change (mostly me).

So, I resolved to find a solution. And what a simply elegant solution it is too: an eggtimer for my iGoogle.

Without going into the various merits of the plethora of personal homepages (i.e. mashup) available, let’s just go with iGoogle for the moment. If you don’t have a personal homepage, feel free to check out iGoogle. If you already have a gmail account, try logging on with that to see if you already have access to it. You can then go under Tools>Options>Main and set it as your homepage (FireFox).

iGoogle has a variety of gadgets that can be added to the homepage. The one that has worked so well for me is called Timer by Poturi.

Timer by Poturi for iGoogle

Timer by Poturi for iGoogle

You input the amount of time you want to use and it counts down for you. When it gets to zero, not only will it flip back to your home page from whatever webpage you were on, the browser will flash, a small pop up will appear, and it plays a sweet little “tingaling”.

Let’s just say that it gets your attention.

Why not use an real honest to goodness egg timer? Mostly because I don’t have one. And since I’m on the computer quite a bit, this works really well for me. I stop what I’m doing and move onto the next item on my ever growing “To Do” list (for which I use “Remember the Milk” but that’s another Tip!).

Do you have any WAHM tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!


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