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Recently, I was asked what, exactly, is an instructional designer. I was a bit stumped. I mean, I know what I do. I develop courses for K-12 instructors so that they can obtain continuing education units or a Master’s degree. And everything I develop is for use over the Internet. But is this really what a full fledged instructional designer is? How could I explain it to her so that it made sense?

I could have let her know that I use a very sophisticated model of design to develop my courses. But she wouldn’t have cared.

I could also have let her know that I use a wide variety of multimedia to enhance and encourage learning. She still wouldn’t have cared.

Maybe I should have indicated that I work with a wide variety of subject matter experts to develop courses so the content was up to date and accurate. She may have been impressed, had I cared to drop names. Nah.

I could have told her about how I use adult learning principles to guide my design. She wouldn’t have known what I was talking about though.

Finally, the answer came to me. “You know when you go through a training course at work? That’s what I do but mines better and more interesting and has a higher purpose.”

That’s right! I’m an Instructional Designer! Notice the capitalization? Like being SuperMan! Maybe I should get a cape.

super instructional designer

You too can become a superhero!


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