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Ooo talk about a controversial subject! As a WAHM, tv time (excessive vs none) is thrown into my face everyday. But each day is different depending on what’s going on. I have a meeting or need to get some work done and the boys are bored. What do I do? If the weather is good, outside they go. They’ve got decent imaginations and a buttload of toys in the backyard.

But if the weather is bad, I might: 1) turn on the tube and put on Diego; or 2) send them to their room to play until I am done with my meeting; or 3) wait for naptime to get the really big stuff done.

Not the world’s most perfect solution but it is a solution. And, truthfully, there are some days when I don’t monitor their tv time as closely as I should and they end up watching it most of the day.

Am I a bad mom? Nope. Am I a busy, full time employee with three energetic and easily bored boys? Yep.

Can I afford day care? Nope. Is it easier to let the boys watch tv while I keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our backs? Yep.

So really it’s a balance and I figure that, in the end, the time I do spend with my kids (which is a lot) will undo most of the stuff that tv is doing to them to begin with.

What do you think? Are you okay with tv in moderation or are you no tv household? Let me know!


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