If you haven’t read my post last week about taking Jacob to see the developmental pediatrician, feel free to catch up.

Today was the day. I got him up early and drove down to LA. Can I say how much I detest LA traffic? The 405 should be demolished and a park put in its place. But I digress.

So, we saw Dr. Loo and his med students. Lovely bunch of people. They had a good time playing with Jacob and assessing him. And the diagnosis?

He’s quirky.

Yep. My four year old is quirky. Apparently, he’s social, cognitively flexible, and creative. All those things rule out anything on the Autism spectrum.

Which frustrates the hell out of me. Yes, he’s quirky. I can live with that. But why does he flap his hands when he’s excited? Or sing from sun up to sun down? Or stare? The answers to that? Oh, it’s behavioral. Well, yah. Duh.

Tomorrow he has another appointment with another psychologist. Who I imagine is going to tell me the same thing.

*insert huge sigh here*

One good thing did come out of the meeting. Dr. Loo was concerned about Jacob’s articulation problems and gave him a tentaive diagnosis of apraxia. I think. I didn’t quite get it and I was still thinking about what he said from the other stuff.

The upshot is that the doc thinks Jacob needs to be in speech therapy more often which I totally agree with! 1/2 an hour once a week is not enough for his articulation issues. So, he’s suggesting 2.5 hours a week and is sending Jacob’s pediatrician (and myself) a copy of his report. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the ball rolling on that. Cross your fingers as I start to deal with the insurance.

Am I overreacting or looking for problems when there aren’t any? I don’ t know. I do know that “quirky” just doesn’t sit well with me for some reason. Maybe it’s just my cross to bear. Jacob seems to be a happy guy until he cannot get across what he’s saying. And really that’s his major issue with life right now.

Gah. I’m tired. And melancholy. And happy that my son is the best son he can be. Which is pretty darned awesome. 🙂

Ignore me. I’m going to bed. I’m sure everything will look better tomorrow!