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I’ve always thought Crocs were ugly ever since the first time I saw them at a hospital gift shop. I was assured that they were comfy but come on. They were butt ugly.

Fast forward to today. Look what my Mom sent me:


Yep. Crocs. But cute ones in pretty pretty pink. Cuz I’m a girly girl at heart. Thanks, Mom!

new puppy. After I swore up and down that I’d never get another dog after Pooky died. So, totally ignoring my edict from on high, DH brought the newest addition to our family home last week. I have to admit, reluctantly, that she’s cute.


Rose the Puppy

The boys already love her. They climb all over her and she licks them and moves out of the way. No signs of aggression or fear. We do watch carefully while they play so that no one gets hurt.

I guess I’ll put up with her. She keeps my feet warm at the very least.

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